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The price for each job is arrived at by negotiation with the client. I normally grant a one year exclusive licence to reproduce the illustration in a specific form, for a specific use within a given territory. The size of print run also affects cost and also whether the pictures will be colour or B\W. Copyright in the work is not usually assigned; if the client insists on owning copyright then the basic price for the job would be considerably more. Reasonable expenses e.g. the cost of postage etc., may also be charged to the client.

A written purchase order is required before work can commence. First-time foreign clients must pay a 50% deposit. A written acknowledgement of your order will be e-mailed or faxed, including these terms of the licence stating the following:

1 The artist retains ownership of full copyright in the work and is free to sell further rights for its use unless otherwise agreed. If the client takes up additional rights, permission must first be obtained and a fee will be agreed at that time. If the client buys the original artwork the sale of further rights by the artist is not affected.

2 Full payment will be made within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Rights as agreed are not granted until payment in full has been received by the artist.

3 The artist can only keep to the agreed delivery dates if any necessary reference material is supplied and the rough is passed without delay. The client is responsible for the clearance of copyright of any reference material supplied for use by the artist.

4 If the work is cancelled a proportion of the fee will be payable according to the amount of work done. If the work is rejected at rough stage the client will pay one third of the agreed artwork fee plus agreed expenses. If the finished artwork is rejected the fee is negotiable but it will not be less than half the agreed artwork fee, and if the artist has followed the brief correctly and the work is consistent with that originally shown to the client then the full fee is payable. If a rough rejection fee is paid the client has no right to use any part of the work and the rough and/or original artwork remains the property of the artist.

5 The artist asserts his moral right of paternity and integrity, therefore client does not have the right to make any alteration to the work unless agreed with the artist.

6 The artist has the right to use the work for self-promotion.

7 The client will supply at least 3 proofs or printed copies of the work where possible.

8 All future dealings between the client and the artist shall be on these standard terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed. For UK customers: These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales and may not be varied except by agreement in writing. The parties hereto submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

I agree by these standard Terms and Conditions.

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